The House Project Programme brings young people together and provides a range of opportunities and experiences to build relationships and have mates, manage their first home and have a pathway in to education , employment or training.  The programme is what young people ‘do’ after they have successfully secured their place on their Local House Project and is underpinned by the ORCHIDS framework.

The House Project Journey

Young people get access to a web-based programme where they can upload pictures, documents, videos, notes and reflections throughout their time on the House Project. This enables them to showcase their achievements and capture their journey as well as providing the opportunity for young people to find out what they are good at and build upon their existing strengths and interests.

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What does it look like?

The House Project Programme consists of 13 sections that young people will work through with the support of LHP staff. Young people can choose how they wish to capture their journey throughout the programme; whilst some young people may favour notes and reflections, young people can also upload pictures, documents and videos.


As well as enhancing their development and preparing them for interdependence, young people who successfully complete each section of the programme will receive certificates under the AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS) and the SQA Customised Award Scheme!

What next?

Young people accessing the House Project Programme are classified as being in Education, Training or Employment (ETE) as it serves as a springboard for young people not already in ETE to return to education, to gain more formal qualifications, or as proof of their skills and commitment to a future employee.




The ORCHIDS Framework
The ORCHIDS Framework

The ORCHIDS framework defines the House Project and makes it different to other accommodation options.

What do I do?
For Young People

Working with young people leaving care, you make friends, get a house to call your home, and take ownership of your life.

Local House Projects
NHP/LA Relationship

The House Project approach has been developed with young people, House Project staff and other professionals.